Interior Design
We built our business on the belief that there is a big difference between a house and a home. That is why we sweat the details and take the time to understand the needs of every person (and pet) we work with. Our work is carefully tailored to each unique space. Consistent across all, you’ll find an aesthetic that is timeless, original, and livable.
We Make

Perfection .

A timeless, approachable, luxury design where no space is off-limits is our goal with every design. We want your space to work for you and your family, while providing a deep visceral sensation of happiness. Intentional choices to spatial & architectural details mixed with distinctive choices in decorative items that represent personal style are incorporated into every space.

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Interior Design100%
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A Solution for Every Space

No matter the scale or uniqueness of the request, we have a solution for every space. 

What We Do

Perfect Project Process

We pride ourselves on our comprehensive design process and all that it entails. From start to finish, we take care of every detail from design, planning, contracting, project management, and every behind-the-scenes detail. Our projects are fulfilled with years of experience and expertise in every level of service provided. We approach every design by getting to know you, your lifestyle, and work directly with our renovation team, developers, and builders on projects to achieve the tailored look that exceeds your goals. 

How It Works

What to Expect


It all starts with the first phone call. Once we are connected, we meet and get to know you, your lifestyle, and your space. This is where we learn about your goals, ideas, inspiration and concepts, and establish important factors such as budgets and timelines. During the consultation phase you should expect to expand your comfort zone and be open to ideas – the most fulfilling projects happen when the client discovers a new beauty and functionality beyond what they could have imagined if they had stayed within the familiar.

Concept & Design

The concept and design phase is where we pull together all of the details gathered in the consultation phase. We will present you with design direction and concept, fabrics, wallpapers, flooring, lighting, and finishes depending on the scope of your project. We will consider the details of what will work for the environment of your home, including building and zoning codes.

Other than seeing the finished product of your project, this is often the most exciting phase! You get to touch and experience textures, colors, fabrics, surface materials, and finishes and how they work together. You make decisions on conceptual direction, and watch it come to life!


Once we have solidified the design elements of your project, we start to finalize tedious details and implement. We contract our teams, finalize scheduling, take measurements, and order all the necessary supplies to make your designs come to life. We review specifications with our teams and secure all of the proper permits and contracts. As a client, you can expect one or two meetings in this phase to review final design, preliminary floor plans, elevations, and furniture. You should expect these first few phases to be where the majority of your budget is spent. The design process is very frontloaded in both work and fees.

Project Management

Because Hartzog Interiors is a full service interior design firm, we also help manage the project through the construction and installation phase,, through to completion. This is the best way to ensure the design is executed according to the plan. We troubleshoot and address the inevitable unforeseeable challenges in construction and find best solutions for the space and project. There are a lot of moving parts in this phase of your project and sometimes it can seem overwhelming! it is key to trust the process and know that we are making educated decisions to fulfill the design vision for your space, As always, we will make you aware of things when necessary, but won’t bother you with the small stuff!

Installation & Delivery

The final phase of the design process is arguably the most exciting! All soft goods, window treatments, and furnishings are installed. Our team then delivers the final project and introduces you to your new space.

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